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Feature Update 1.14.0

Customer Wallet

  • Customers can top-up their wallet & spend from there. Customers cannot manually withdraw from the wallet. Only way to take our money is by booking the tickets.
  • Wallet Feature can be enabled or disabled by the Admin

Vonage fka Nexmo SMS Gateway

Admin can choose whether system should send the SMS through Twilio or Vonage formerly known as Nexmo. API keys will be required of whichever is chosen by admin.

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About EventRight Pro

Event booking management apps are designed to make it easy for organizations and individuals to plan and host events. These apps typically offer a range of features to help users manage their events, including the ability to create and manage tickets and manage event schedules, payments, and offers. With all of the event details and guest information in one place, it’s easier to stay organized and keep track of everything. This can help ensure that your event runs smoothly and that your guests have a great time.

Tailwind CSS

The User front website is built with Tailwind CSS Module & Components. You can customize tailwind class & generate minimal css using npm command.


Easy Event Listing

Create and manage event listings: This Allows organizers to create listings for their events, including information such as the event name, date, time, location, and description.

Payment Processing

Ticket sales and payment processing: Event ticket booking apps include the ability to sell tickets and process payments through integration with third-party payment processors.

Ticket Management

Include features to help users manage their tickets, such as the ability to view and download tickets.

Ticket Types

It has a total of Four Ticket Types. Free, Paid, One Day Ticket & All Day Ticket.

Event Types

Organizers can add two types of events. Online Event & Venue Event aka Offline Event


Event Scheduling

Features to help organizers manage their event schedules, such as the ability to create and manage multiple event schedules and view schedules for individual events.


Guest management

Features to help users manage their guest lists, such as the ability to create and manage guest lists.

QR Code

Our Scanner App can Scan the QR Code to validate the checking in the ticket. QR gets generated after placing the order.

Easy Find Events Nearby

EventRight Pro User App & Website has a location feature to help users find nearby ongoing & upcoming events.

Role Based Access

Admin panel is built in such a way that admin can add multiple roles according to their profile. Admin can create roles & set permissions to them. In that way, the admin can create another admin as well to collaborate with.

Language Support

Admin Panel, Organizer Panel & User Website have multi-language support. Admin can download the base file & upload the translation file.


There is a dedicated General FAQ Section for Admin. which can be seen in mobile apps as well.


There is a dedicated privacy-policy page for Admin. which can be seen in mobile apps as well.

Blog Pages

Admin can create blog posts for the website, Which helps promote the events, marketing & advertising.

Admin can…

See all the ticket orders, Manage Predefined Categories, Send bulk notifications to users, Edit Events, even Delete or Block them, and more…

Report Events

Users can report inappropriate events to the admin, then the admin can see those reported events on the “Reported Events” page.

Notification Template

There are multiple templates for Notifications, There are multiple variables available to place inside the notification content which makes the notification message dynamic & personalized.

Mail Notifications

Web panels & Website is using SMTP Mail Configuration for Email Notifications, such as in Forget Password,

Tax Page

EventRight Pro Web Panel has a dedicated Tax Page to add multiple taxes according to your country.

Feedback Page

EventRight Pro website users can give feedback to the admin from the website.

Maintenance Mode

Admin can toggle the Maintenance Mode ON or OFF to let the end user know about it. Admin can choose a custom image & write custom text.

Customizable Logo & Primary Color

Admin can change Website & Web Panels Primary color, Logo, Favicon Image right from the Admin Panel’s Settings Page.

Commission System

Admin can decide the commission type Percentage or Flat Amount from the settings which he earns from each booking made by the customer.


Admin or Organizer can create offer coupons for users, There are multiple criteria for coupon validation. Each coupon can be applied to a specific event. Coupons can have discounts by percentage or by a flat amount.


Users can be set with compulsory verification by Email, SMS, or Both.



v1.18.0 Update 01-MAR-2024
–  [ADD] Added a custom response message in Scanner API Scan Function if the ticket is pending
–  [IMPROVED] Put redirect if the user tries to access the login page when he is already logged in
–  [UPDATE] Added steps in Documentation to create an event with a ticket
–  [IMPROVED] Mail Password storing in env will now have double quotes around it to allow some special characters in it.
–  [FIX] When a user purchases 5 tickets quantity I scanned one ticket and then scanned the other ticket but it said the ticket limit was exceeded
–  [FIX] After paying online Ticket gets a Pending status instead of a confirmed
–  [FIX] Cannot see privacy policy in admin panel
–  [FIX] fixed Multiple minor bugs
–  [NOTE] There is a DB SQL Query file attached.

v1.17.0 Update 14-FEB-2024
-   [MAJOR CHANGE]  Changed the Website Navbar structure once and for all, resolved the responsive issue
-  [Major CHANGE] Removed banner description from Banner Carousel for a neat & clean look
-  [ADD] SMTP Configuration details in Documentation
-  [FIX]  Org Detail Page on Website
-  [FIX]  URL field disappears after validation error refresh
-  [FIX]  there were two title tags for the event details page
-  [FIX]  URL field disappears after validation error refresh on event edit page
-  [NOTE] There is a DB SQL Query file attached.

v1.16.1 Bugfix Update 13-02-2024 (For New Installers)
-  [FIX] database sql fixed 

v1.16.0 Update 12-FEB-2024
-  [FIX] Social Media link prefix
-  [FIX] Website header responsive issue
-  [FIX] Website header avatar dropdown options left spacing issue
-  [FIX] unable to book on free tickets
-  [FIX] phone country code issue
-  [FIX] otp verification issue
-  [FIX] Organizer naming issue

v1.15.0 Bug fix Update 02-FEB-2024
-  [FIX] Event Description data type & collation changes
-  [FIX] Blog Description data type & collation changes
-  [FIX] Email Sending issue fixed
-  [FIX] Payment button not working fro wallet
-  [FIX] Wallet switch issue in admin settings, 
-  [FIX] QR code visibility issue in emails
-  [FIX] Events By Tag showing deleted events as well
-  [FIX] Renamed tabs & content in my tickets page
-  [FIX] My tickets page issues
-  [FIX] Website header responsive issue
-  [FIX] Stripe & PayPal Button issue on admin panel > settlement page
-  [FIX] Phone country code dropdown height fixed
-  [NOTE] There is sql database queries to run for the update

V1.14.0 Important Bug fix Update 24-JAN-2024
- [FIX] Refreshed Vendor folder
- [FIX] removed composer.lock file from our release, to avoid version issues we will not include that in future releases as well, and will rely on composer.json only.

V1.14.0 Feature Update 22-JAN-2024
- [ADD] Vonage formerly known as Nexmo SMS Integration
- [ADD] Customer Wallet Feature
- [ADD] Pagination in “My Tickets” Page on User Website
- [ADD] Added more details inside the ticket list item in “My Tickets” Page on User Website
- [ADD] Now after successful booking order invoice will be sent to the customer via email
- [FIX] Minor bug fixes

v1.13.0  Update  08-11-JAN-2024
-  [ADD] Stripe Hosted Payment Page in User ticket Booking flow
-  [ADD] Added the feature to add images in the Event Description input
-  [FIX] Twilio invalid number error handling
-  [ADD] added followed event list API endpoint for user app
-  [FIX] ticket count number going negative
-  [FIX] tax was having minus sign in the payment page
-  [FIX] vendor payout: showing paid button even if paid already
-  [FIX] marker Icon was getting stretched in event details page
-  [FIX] Organiser name issues
-  [ADD] Error handling at multiple places

v1.12.2  Update  11-DEC-2023
-  [ADD] Verification status of the user (customers & organizers)
-  [FIX] User signup issue in website
-  [FIX] Reset password issue
-  [FIX] Verification issue

v1.12.1  Update  02-DEC-2023
-  [ADD] Organizer OTP verification for phone (twilio)
-  [FIX] User login & Register page mobile friendly
-  [FIX] minor bugs fixed
-  [NOTE] Organizer App also has the update v1.2.0 released
-  [NOTE] There is one database update query attached in the root folder

v1.12.0  Update  29-NOV-2023
-  [CHANGE] Changed the display text of a dropdown field in the ticket add & edit page
-  [CHANGE] For better understanding changed the ticket date label text in the event tickets element on the website
-  [FIX] Website primary color changing issue from admin panel
-  [FIX] Changed fixed colored  images to dynamic colored icons on the Website
-  [FIX]  Removed extra white space from the Report Event section
-  [FIX] On some devices nav menu element was showing twice
-  [FIX] fixed alignment of the Sign-in button for the mobile site.
-  [FIX] localization in header
-  [ADD] updated keys in the English base file, and also sorted it alphabetically.
-  [FIX] Ticket Add & Edit Description Field Layout difference
-  [FIX] In the booking flow, the calendar was allowing a date other than the event date
-  [NOTE] There is one database update query attached in the root folder

v1.11.0  Major Update  18-OCT-2023
-  [NEW] Module Feature! Now admin can add additional modules developed for EventRightPro by SaaSMonks
-  [NEW] Seat Map Module Capability added, Module coming soon
-  [FIX] minor bug fixes
-  [NOTE] There are database update queries attached in update notes folder & in root as well

v1.10.0 Update 10-OCT-2023
- [FIX] Added multiple missing localization keys in the sample base JSON file
- [IMPROVE] Sorted Sample JSON alphabetically for ease of use. We recommend sorting your existing JSONs as well via your IDE or any online tool.
- [FIX] Fixed localization keys in multiple blade files
- [FIX] restored the PayPal code which was removed in the previous release.
- [FIX] Logout button link was missing
- [FIX] Removed redundant languages insert queries from the installer SQL
- [UPDATE] Added steps in the documentation for the code update process

v1.9.0  Update  29-SEPT-2023
- [ADD] Now Organizers can receive settlements via Online Payment as well as Offline/Cash
- [ADD] If there are no SMTP details added from the admin, the system will skip the mailing
- [FIX] Settlement reports total amount were showing undefined
- [FIX] Spell fix in admin settings > payment settings > flutterwave
- [FIX] Stripe payment issue by changing from modal to input fields
- [FIX] Ticket Data Validation issue on the booking page —----------- (fixed in module branch)
- [FIX] Header responsive issue fixed
- [NOTE] There is a txt file with SQL queries to run after updating the code
- [FIX] Minor bugs fixed

v1.8.0  Update  10-AUG-2023
- [ADD] Organisers can see their monthly earnings
- [ADD] API to Download Ticket from User App & Organiser App
- [ADD] Organisers can define Check-in Limits while creating or editing a ticket.
- [CHANGE] Category Image label appended with Recommended Ratio
- [FIX] .htaccess on root dir. It will remove /public from your URL, if all is working fine already then please don’t touch this file. Backing up existing .htaccess is recommended
- [FIX] spell fix of user registration success message
- [FIX] Fix button name on ticket pdf page
- [FIX] SMTP Verification issue
- [FIX] Date selection validation message on ticket purchase
- [CHANGE] There are additional SQL update queries to run, a text file is provided.
- [FIX] Added missing packages in composer.json
- [REMOVE] Removed unused code

v1.7.0  Important Update  13-JUN-2023
- [FIX] Price Data Type fixed in multiple files & in the database as well.
- [FIX] JavaScript changes in two files
- [FIX] Event Searching issue in API for User App Add-on
- [FIX] Mail sending error

v1.6.0  Update  07-JUN-2023
- [FIX] About us section was having issues on some databases.
- [ADD] “Custom link” field in the purchased ticket details.
- [ADD] Arabic RTL & Hindi (Included by default)
- [FIX] Fixed Installer Issue
- [FIX] APIs

v1.5.1  Update  16-MAY-2023
[ADD] Admin can now “see” the API credentials in the settings.

v1.5.0 Update 13-MAY-2023
[ADD] Admin can change the email of his own, organizers & users
[ADD] Organiser can change the email of his own.
[FIX] Logo Image can be non-square (recommended png with size 143x45)
[FIX] other minor bugs

v1.4.1 Initial Release 03-MAY-2023
Laravel 9
PHP 8.1.9


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